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_=All Bart Allen, All The Time!=_

_=We All Love Bart Here=_

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Bart Allen Lovers
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For all fans of Bart Allen: Impulse, Kid Flash, and Flash

>>>H E A R T B A R T
a bart allen community

So, there's been this hyperactive ultra-impulsive super speedster from the future kicking around the comic books of DC for a few years now. He's gone by a few names: Bart Allen, Impulse, Kid Flash II. And, well, he's won a few hearts. Ours, mainly.

So we set up a community. A whole community dedicated to the Bart!love. Love comes in many forms: Fic, Art, Challenge, Manifesto, Essay, Fancomic/Doujin, Icons, Scans, Links, Sprites, Mood themes... We've got them all, and we want more. Most importantly, we want you to join us. If you've got anything you want to share, or just want to enjoy what other people have shared, dive right in. We're as friendly as Bart himself (though probably a little less innocent).

To keep this place as it is - friendly, cheerful, and most importantly Bart-loving - there's a few guidelines. Well, I say guidelines, I mean rules. Just in case.

1) Anything Bart is On-Topic. Not Bart? Off-Topic.

2) The slash-majority rules, but we're het-friendly. And gen friendly. And just friendly in general.

3) Don't come here to bash Bart. It makes you look like a complete twit. Any trolling or bashing posts will be DELETED as soon as I see them.

4) Cut with common sense. Large images, lengthly writing, spoilers and NWS (Not Work Safe) material all belong behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how, it's in the FAQ, and if you still can't work it out just ask. We won't bite.

5) Don't forget to provide warnings for dialup unfriendly images, spoilers, NWS material and anything else you think appropriate. All fanfiction and fanart should have some sort of indication of its level of age-appropriateness and any content that could seriously upset people.

Most things will get a first warning, and probably a second and a third, knowing me, but please don't push it. It's all common sense really. I'd be grateful it people comply with any requests to lj-cut or place warnings as soon as possible, to save me having to do it for them. We're a friendly, helpful community, and all we want to do is squee over Bart together and share out mutual love for him. Let's keep it that way.

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