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[x-posted to heartbart and scans_daily. originally posted to my own lj, but figured other people might enjoy this as well. my flist largely don't read comics, and i'm new, to explain the uneducatedness of it all]

so i got talking about comic artists earlier and how character traits fluctuate depending on the who's pencilling. somehow this turned into a debate on who drew Bart's hair the best, and i spent an obscene amount of time tracking down images for comparison. which has turned into bad commentary with bonus images. don't ask me how that happened, it's a whiteout day and i really had nothing better to do. scary when i have too much time on my hands. thus i give you:

The Many Hairstyles of Bart Allen, or Look At All These Different Artists Because I Spent Over Five Hours Finding and Editing All This

for the brave few that clicked the link without having any idea who i'm talking about, i'll attempt a brief summary without stealing it directly from the books.

you know the Flash right? can run super fast? okay, the term is "speedster" there's actually a few, Flash is the best known and there's been a few different people to hold that name. Bart is next in line. originally he held the title of Impulse because he was raised in a virtual reality program (that's a longer explanation) so he had no concept of death, pain or danger, therefore he rarely thinks about what he does. his grandfather was Barry Allen, the best known Flash, his cousin is Wally West, the current Flash and nephew of Barry. Bart, in a recent turn of events, has finally grown up, wised up and taken on the mantle of Kid Flash, previously held by Wally, in the hopes of finally getting some respect from his family and eventually earning the right be the Flash.

good? good. now lets get started.

Mike Weiringo. this is Bart's first appearance in Flash and i suppose his "official" design. the main problem is they fleshed out the character and now the body is all wrong, and is it just me or he looks more like he's 18 then 14?

Carlo Pacheco. pretty similar to the previous artist. they came from the same Flash arc, so either they have very similar styles, or someone was imitating.

Salvador Larroca. again i mention the WTFness of the look. i get this is early in during Flash, and they didn't know what was going to become of the char, but he really really doesn't look 14.

Oscar Jimenez. look! another similar style! however, we get the bonus of steel worker Bart, and that amuses me greatly.

Humberto Ramos. Bart's defining artist. it might not his design originally, but most people associate him with Bart. helps that he pencilled a good chunk of the Impulse series. i don't actually like this early stuff that much, but for what it is it is good, and i've seen some of his later work, that i don't have copies of, that look great.

Nick Gnazzo. well... i guess they needed guest artists at some point.

Anthony Williams. dunno what it is, but the way he does his face seems kind of odd to me.

Craig Rousseau. i don't hate his stuff, but i find it so blah. which sucks horribly as he was the artist for a chunk of Impulse, including some of my favourite issues.

Ethan Van Sciver. seems Bart's been trying a new hair product or something as his hair goes inexplicably curly-wavey when this guy's pencilling

Anthony Castrillo. i actually really like his style. it looks completely random on Bart and Cissie, but i like it anyway.

Eric Battle. make it go away! dear god! just ... UGH. his hair is insane in a bad way and he looks girly and it's just not a good style him at all, possibly for anything. if i hate Inertia for anything, it's probably the fact he drew him.

Carlo Barberi. ah... Carlo. last and probably best penciller for the Impulse series. these aren't the best images to go by, especially for Impulse, but he's got really nice art and as pointed out, one of the first people to really draw Bart with huge feet XD

Aluir Amancio. his Bart is pretty. his Impulse not so much.

Pop Mahn. yet another artist who's style i like, but don't particularly want him drawing Bart. therefore i'll be reading Spyboy soon as he's the normal penciller for it. that being said, some might recognize my icon as it's from the same issue.

Andy Kuhn. let's put it this way, i'm very happy it was a one shot for Young Justice.

Todd Nauck. ♥ this man's style so much. he did all of Young Justice with a handful of exceptions. he draws them all awesomely, not to mention having a wonderful handle on Bart's hair.

Ale Garza. um, ignore the fact he's being choked. no real opinion. decent, but not exceptionally good.

Geoff Johns. and thus we enter the stage where Bart's hair colour, hair length and eye colour change at random! that's a great image if it was Wally, but it's not.

Mike McKone. ironic i have so many shots of art i don't like. he looks younger then he should, body type seems a bit off, hair looks weird, eye colour is wrong. people, stop messing with Wally and Bart's eye colour. Wally has green eyes. Bart has yellow eyes. if you keep changing them i wonder if Barry miraculously came back from the dead.

side note: okay, those were mostly from the begining of Teen Titans v3. anyone who read that, remember when Cassie attempted to leave, and Bart stopped her and there was the whole "you're the girl that made me like girls" bit? first off, my slasher instincts went "so... you were gay before?" but that's neither here nor there. didn't he like Cissie first? and then Carol of course, but he met and subsequently seemed to be crushing a bit on, Cissie before he even met Kon let alone formed YJ and had the girls join Oo

Tom Grummet. his art is pretty decent, but isn't really one of my favourites. however, he wins if only because Bart, sporting a Green Lantern tattoo and a Game Skin's t-shirt is totally awesome.

Matthew Clark. well ... atleast his eyes are right? actually, Bart got off lucky, not everyone else looked as normal with this guy.

Rob Liefield. someone take away his pencils, please.

Val Semeiks. not much to complain about. rather generic and uninteresting. saving the best for last so we're into newer Flash issues that Bart has been in.

Howard Porter. actually, the first one as Kid Flash is actually kinda cool. WTF about the normal Bart one though, he looks oddly chubby or something.

Scott Kolins. um, ...yeah.

Rick Burchett. ah, what a novel change! he looks randomly younger instead of older!

Kirk Leonard. hair looks flat, but it might be the drawing technique.

Ian Churchill. i want him to do a better image of Bart~~ i absolutely adore how he drew Kon, but Bart was barely in the issue he drew. clearly he needs to guest on Teen Titans.

Michael Turner. *stares* does this man do anything but covers? he needs to do actual issues. just ... guh *_* so pretty.

Tony S Daniel. victory! Bart is back, and looking better then ever! for those who aren't following, this is from the most recent issue of Teen Titans, hence why some of the text has been erased for spoilerish stuff. Bart has become rather second string and mysteriously missing from the last few issues and people were getting worried. atleast a few hundred people from what i've seen take this to mean he hasn't totally been forgotten, and neither has his hair XD Tony S Daniel is awesome for this and i really hope sticks around for awhile.

bonus track

everyone loves chibis! from the Spyboy crossover. also where my other icon comes from

from the very first issue of Teen Titans waaaay back in the 60's. this, of course, would be Wally West, current Flash, when he was still Kid Flash. i think we can all agree that the art and colouring have gotten much better, and that Bart's boots are cooler XD

Teen Titans cartoon a few weeks ago aired "Lightspeed" which is obviously their Kid Flash ep. the cartoon has it's own timeline, because it's completely insane if compared to comic canon. much like Robin, Kid Flash is actually an amalgamation of the three main Flash/speedsters. by which i mean Bart Allen Kid Flash II, if only for the Zambonie reference but also bits of the personality. Wally West the original Kid Flash and the most obvious base for the character. plus Barry Allen, the best known Flash, if only for the fact Barry has blue eyes, and as stated above the other two boys don't.

random fact: Kid Flash, and Flash in Justice League (Unlimited), and Flash in various other related things, are both voice my Michael Rosenbaum who plays Lex Luthor on Smallville. shame if they do make the Flash movie he probably wouldn't even have the option to play Flash. that'd be neat.

speaking of Smallville, look who showed up? like Teen Titans cartoon, Smallville has it's own insane little canon. in this case, this is in fact Bart Allen, who happens to have fake IDs labeled as Jake Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West, all different incarnations of Flash. they make wonderful sweeping allusions to being the Bart we all know and love, yet totally not at all. it's heavy handed, painful, and from what i understand about on par with most of the writing for the series. still, the actor is cute if nothing else.

secret track

XD come on, do you really need me to explain?

annnnd, that's all i got. obviously i'm missing various issues of other series where he showed up, but i'd like to think this is pretty comprehensive for someone who was just digging around the files i already have. hope i was atleast vaguely entertaining XD
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